Wednesday, December 3, 2014

happy robot




but still happy :D

*p/s: should start writing again,. no one read my blog anymore :p

Thursday, December 13, 2012

~~end of year 2012~~

it's the end of the year already,, refer to my previous post, there are still 3 wishes to be fulfilled this year.. huhu,. i don't think all of them can be done this year. next year maybe?

3. Trip pusing satu Malaysia,, alone :) from Perlis to Kelantan.. Sabah Sarawak nex year..
4. Pegi konsert SS4 Super Junior.. hehe.. :) kena simpan duit awal2 nk beli tiket.. cancel since Suju didn't come to Malaysia for SS4..
5. Pakwe? Pasangan hidup..? yang ni dalam waiting list.. hehe.. 

anddddd something that is not in the list.. Lia.. white, gebu, selesa.. senang ajak blek kg n peneman setia ke wyg berhampiran,, hehe.. love u Lia..

*p/s: buhsan keje, blek kg maybe? tanam jagung..

Monday, April 23, 2012

forever alone 1..

today after works, went to watch movie alone at IOI Puchong.. eat Mc'D then, bring the fries and coke into the cinema,, hehe.. curik2, mcm korang xpenah wt.. ok, watch Battleship, eventhough it's kind of late to watch the movie, but still watched it since everyone around me suggested to watch this movie.. BEST!! n can't wait to watch The Avenger!!

just having fun with myself, try to heal my heart.. it's not really working actually.. hurmmm,, feel like don't want to do anything, but still have to go to work,, just have to keep myself busy, or i'll end up being more miserable..

*p/s: Island..? good idea :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 more to go~~ yeay yeah!!

Long time no see (^_^) hehe.. Just want to share a very happy news, even though it's a bit late, but I still want to share it.. Yeay~~!! I’ve finished my degree in ISE, after 2 years of hard work. Congrates to me and to all my friends (^_^),. Da boleh senyum lebar dah pasni.. Gudbye ISE,.

So, done with my first wish, and there are still 4 things to do on my wish list this year. Hurm, WORK..? Very complicated lah.. Ok, at first when I finished this degree, I’ve always saying that I want to work in other field. Coz I’m kind of afraid n not ready to work in the ISE field (Programmer, System Analyst etc..),. And then tup tup, I got an offer to work as HR Payroll in one of the Oil & Gas Company at Port Klang. OK, wish comes true! Just grab it Ana!! I got this job after and interview session with the company, and then they asked me to report to work on 20th Feb (Monday).. I’ve 4 days (from the day of interview) to move from my new house to my brother’s house in Klang.. After 3 days of thinking and evaluating, I refuse the job,. I called them saying that I’ve already got another job near my house,. Settle with Oil & Gas Company,.

And then, on the day that I’m supposed to report to work at the company, I’ve a call from another company. An Interior Design Gallery. To be the PA (Personal Assistant) to the boss. So, the next day, I started to work there.. It only last for 3 days, hehe.. If u ask me why, the answer is that I “CANNOT GO” with the boss.. Want to know more story bout this, msg me k.. hehe.. It’s not good to talk behind her back here.. ;p

So, now I’m back to being a jobless fresh graduate,. Hehe.. Hopefully I’ll get a job with the good environment, good boss, good colleagues, and all good lah..

*p/s: Got another job interview.. hurm.. nak pegi ke x nak..?
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